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Digital Asset Manager

A blockchain serving you at your finger tips.


Snap it, blockchain it, proof it!

Benefit from from the strengths of immutable blockchain technology for proofing your online assets.

Blockchain Technology

Benefit from our proprietary blockchain technology optimized for digital asset and identity management with proofing capability.


With encryption used for data in-transit and at-rest, security is simply not something you’ll need to worry about with our security-aware system.

Easy to Use

Simply blockchain your asset by uploading a file, scanning a QR code, recording a voice message, or taking an image or short video. It’s that easy!

Advanced User Permissions

You’re in complete control. Our advanced user permissions allow you to decide who can access your data and how they should be allowed to interact with your content.

Community Sharing

Share your assets with your associates, friends or family. Prove to them that the authenticity and ownership of your assets.

Reliable and flexible

A better online file sharing solution for businesses of all sizes. Our online file sharing solution can help you operate your business more efficiently.

Features Index

Everything you need for immutable online storage, proofing, authenticity and ownership verification.



Upload files quickly and securely to your documents. With Cloud Infrastructure Partner is AWS. All your documents will be encrypted before archiving. Safety assurance and only you can view.

Any time changes are made to a file, Mostly Documents generates a new version behind-the-scenes. Stay up to date with clear version numbering of files.

Our servers ensure exceptional worldwide performance.


Invite users to have access to the documents you want them to see. Grant/revoke access, modify expired date, and control access to your documents.

Blockchain Based Protocol

Mostly Documents uses blockchain for decentralized, independent and secure verification. It allows all users to trust each other without relying on a single centralizing third party. All the nodes in the network are needed to verify any event on the protocol so fraud by an individual actor is impossible and data is secured. In addition the distributed architecture of blockchain ensures higher uptime and censorship-resistance.

Use Cases

Blockchain is one of the key innovative technologies revolutionizing digital assets management. As supply chains grow more complex in nature, involve diverse stakeholders, and mainly rely on a number of external intermediaries, blockchain emerged as a strong contender for de-tangling all the data/documents/communication exchanges happening within the supply chain ecosystem.

University Certificate

The most promising use case for blockchain in higher education is to transform the “record keeping” of degrees, certificates and diplomas, making credentials digital and under the learner’s control, without the need for an intermediary to verify them. Blockchain technology creates a forgery-proof digital certificate of authenticity.

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Luxury Watches

While blockchain, which is defined as a decentralised, distributed ledger of information, is still relatively new and in its infancy, it represents a huge opportunity for the luxury industry in terms of transformation by finding solutions to issues like product authentication and life-cycle transparency.

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Supply Chain Management

Supply chains underpin the macroeconomy and global markets. Blockchainix provides next-generation solutions to achieve the interoperable exchange of transaction information, transaction history, and transaction statements in compliance with industry standards.

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Safe, secure, and easy-to-use online document storing and sharing

Choose a more secure timestamping digital document service with tons of convenient features. Structure your online file sharing platform to mimic your company’s existing internal file structures, set varying user permission levels, and rest assured knowing your data is given hight-level.

General Data Protection Regulation

At Blockchainix, we have always maintained a few fundamental promises about privacy and the information we collect. These Privacy by Design tenets allowed us to by ready for GDPR on day one.

Nothing But What We Absolutely Need

We will never ask you for any personal information unless we truly need it. We take your privacy seriously and are not interested in jeopardizing your trust.

We Never Share Your Info

Any personal information we do have will never be shared with anyone except to comply with the law.

You Always Own Your Stuff

You retain copyright and all other rights you already hold for any content you use with Blockchainix. Always. Your data is your business. We’re just here to help you store


Technology platform

Build on COMMENDO Blockchain Platform. Commendo is a composable Chain platform. Every business gets to customize and launch their own independent, application-specific Chain

The “Build Anything” Platform.

Commendo’s composable design makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of blockchain projects and decentralized applications, including fintech solutions, supply chain management, digital identity and records, voting, gaming, & more.


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